1800 Limo is referred to “The Company”
“The Client” referred to as the client, passenger/ booking agent.

1. If a booking has been made in error and the company has been notified within 90 minutes and is a minimum three hours prior to the booking start time of the same day, a refund will be issued. As long as the limousine isn’t on route or has arrived at the destination.

2. If for any reason out of the companies control i.e. weather, traffic, accident, illness, death, limousine malfunction including electrical faults were the company isn’t able to arrive at its destination a refund will be issued.

3. The Company and/or the drivers/contractors will take every care possible, but liability of The Company
and/or drivers/contractors in the event of an accident, illness, death, malfunctions of vehicles and/or accessories, malfunction of power convertible roofs, damage to vehicles and/or accessories, theft and/or fire of vehicles and/or accessories of equipment or other failure or non-performance of the company DOES NOT constitute a breach of contract. The company is only limited to refund to the client a portion or all monies paid for any particular vehicle for any particular event.

4. For ALL Wedding cancellations that occur within 90 days of event, the client agrees to pay the full contracted amount unless the same limousine is re-booked for the same date and time by another client. If an hourly or transfer booking is cancelled, the client will receive a credit for their monies minus a $75 cancellation fee.

5. NO PAYMENT under any circumstance is refundable under a reverse transfer, including phone/ Internet orders. By way of completed personal/ Mailing Addresses and event details and approved credit card transaction – the client has entered into a binding agreement.