Terms & Conditions

1800 LimoBooking (herein is referred to as “The Company”) and the Passengers, Clients and/or Booking Agents (herein referred to as “The Client”) agree as follows:

1. The client confirms the booking details are true and correct. The Company takes no responsibility whatsoever of wrong addresses, times or pick up points.

2. The company will make every effort to arrive at the contractual time. A grace period of 5 minutes waiting time is included in all bookings. After the 5 minute grace period, every minute thereafter will be charged at $5 per minute. The Driver reserves the right to drive off after 15 minutes to meet their next contractual obligations. PLEASE NOTE WEDDING BOOKINGS SHOULD BOOK THE HOURLY SERVICE. The Company takes no responsibility or no compensation will be entered into after the 15 minute waiting time.

3. For all Direct Transfers through the online booking system, you will be charged from suburb to suburb for all Weddings/ Tours and/or all other travel arrangements. If the route changes or an extra stop is added or multiple stops added, a minimum of $150 to a maximum of $400 will be charged to your account. This DOES NOT APLLY FOR HOURLY BOOKINGS.

4. The company reserves the right to charge overtime.
• Chrysler Limo: $100 per 15 minutes
• Mercedes Limo: :$125 per 15 minutes
• Porsche Limo: $150 per 15 minutes

The above charges take into effect immediately after the hour (including the last hour) booking has been completed. The client will be given a maximum of 10 minutes overtime grace period within the hourly booking and then charged overtime thereafter. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL POINT TO POINT BOOKINGS.

5. The Company reserves the right to use any route/freeway /motorway /road whatsoever to any destination it seems viable. The client will refrain from suggesting any route to extend the booking service.

6. The Company reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger(s) or goods at any time.

7. The Company reserves the right NOT to enter any driveway of a home, hotel/ motel, reception house or any other premise.

8. The Company reserves the right to terminate the booking WITHOUT ANY Refund or any Compensation claim on unsealed roads, any vandalism, smoking and/or drug activity. Any damage or vandalism will be billed to the client without exception. The client agrees to pay any damages at the first instance.

9. The Company and/or the drivers/contractors will take every care possible, but liability of The Company
and/or drivers/contractors in the event of an accident, illness, death, malfunctions of vehicles and/or accessories, malfunction, damage to vehicles and/or accessories, theft and/or fire of vehicles and/or accessories of equipment or other failure or non-performance of the company DOES NOT constitute a breach of contract. The company is only limited to refund to the client a portion or all monies paid for any particular vehicle for any particular event.

10. Any extra charges occurred on behalf of the company at the client’s request, is the responsibility of the client. i.e. permits, etc

11. The company is not responsible to any late shows due to traffic, road works or other delays beyond the company’s control and will not be held responsible in this instance.
12. If a Wedding cancellation occurs within 90 days of event, the client agrees to pay the full contracted amount. If an hourly booking is canceled within 7 days, the client will receive a credit for their monies minus a $50 cancelation fee.

13. NO PAYMENT under any circumstance is refundable, including phone/ Internet orders. By way of completed personal/ Mailing Addresses and event details and approved credit card transaction – the client has entered into a binding agreement.

14. 10% GST is included in all accounts.